Author: Hussain Mir Ali

I am interested in web and mobile technologies.

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Curb your Distractions


Tab Limiter

Ever wonder why are there so many tabs open in your browser. According to this too many open tabs can adversely affect your productivity and more over can upset your mood. So more desireable to have least number of tabs open at any given time. From my experience 3-4 are more than enough to accomplish tasks during work. To manage open tabs an extension called xTab is very helpful. It helps to only maintain a certain number of tabs using different rules to close existing tabs and it can also prevent opening new tabs.

Break Timer

The sedentary state of work these days leads to hours on

1. tab limiting. 2. Youtube limiting. 3. Big Strech. 4. Site blocker. 5. Site time limiter. 6. Channel Blocker. 7. Personal Activity Monitor.